• annaritagusson annaritagusson

    @ilarianajim che lo è o non lo è? 🤣

  • ameliagd28 ameliagd28

    @blackyouth_grey that’s awful, artists like her should be doing more to help prevent things like that rather than sit in interviews for money and say shitty advice

  • matiaslopes_ matiaslopes_

    She kinda quirky tho😳

  • ihyanural ihyanural


  • justcallmezenobia justcallmezenobia

    @_abbielisabeth_ The question interviewer asked her was "What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?" And this is what she said.

  • sunshinescribble sunshinescribble

    She's saying stop dragging out a bad moment of your day just to feel sad bruh this is taken out of context lmao

  • alfieguite alfieguite

    That's rich coming from you

  • babu.bisleri_ babu.bisleri_

    Ugh. I saw the interview .

  • rosaphoebe rosaphoebe

    This is sad you posted it like this out of context. If you’ve watched the interview it’s her reacting to her self from a year ago and she’s re answering the questions a year later. Billie actually openly talks about how she suffers from depression and mental health. This isn’t about anyone else. It’s her talking to and about her past and future self. To not always be so sad and to try and look at the positivities in life. It isn’t aimed at anyone. The owner should of posted it with more context and more of the actual interview

  • unhuggable_hufflepuff unhuggable_hufflepuff

    I have watched the interview and this is way out of context. But generally speaking, being sad is not always a bad thing. I think people who have watched Inside Out will understand.

  • isbraydenavailable isbraydenavailable

    Billie is have retard brain

  • blackyouth_grey blackyouth_grey

    @ameliagd28 the reality here in Africa is that depression is still a largely controversial subject. Folks haven't come to terms with the fact that it isn't a western illness. It is real, and people are actually dying. Also, the artists are just like everyone else, watching helplessly. It's sad really

  • amrut__pattanaik amrut__pattanaik

    Such a raw interview!💗

  • itzkellbell itzkellbell

    @livianwilliams she was saying that to her past self not to everybody else

  • amanda81930 amanda81930

    @lonely.disco 💖💖

  • charlotte.bonje charlotte.bonje

    @anis__zouaoui I'm sorry

  • anis__zouaoui anis__zouaoui

    @charlotte.bonje ❤️

  • charlotte.bonje charlotte.bonje

    @anis__zouaoui I can 't be happy😥

  • anis__zouaoui anis__zouaoui

    @charlotte.bonje boellie

  • alisha_kerr150702 alisha_kerr150702

    Oh boy! Why didn't i just think of that sooner!

  • ameliagd28 ameliagd28

    @blackyouth_grey so sad, bigger artists have the fame to put words out and say things to help and do things to help on a much larger scale, it’s sad that not a lot of them do

  • homopoly homopoly

    @rosaphoebe bitch did you expect them to post the whole fucking interview with Billie eyelash as a fucking post just to make that make sense

  • homopoly homopoly

    @_happy_little_vegemite_ Billie eyelash cured my depression

  • homopoly homopoly

    @livianwilliams yes that's how it works Billie eyelash cured my depression after 10 years of struggling 😂🤣

  • idonthavemoneyforatherapist idonthavemoneyforatherapist

    I mean I already feel like I am a waste of space so nothing wrong with wasting my time 😂

  • blackyouth_grey blackyouth_grey

    @ameliagd28 Exactly. It's sad how humaneness has been replaced with selfish individual interests.

  • _abbielisabeth_ _abbielisabeth_

    @justcallmezenobia okay that's nice I was just replying to the still

  • livianwilliams livianwilliams

    @itzkellbell i know, i watched the video, but the caption says "aGrEe?"

  • itzkellbell itzkellbell

    @livianwilliams ah Shit sorry

  • itzkellbell itzkellbell

    @livianwilliams didnt notice that hahah

  • livianwilliams livianwilliams

    @itzkellbell lol ur good

  • allyssaa1 allyssaa1


  • ruby.sexyx ruby.sexyx


  • teica_bojica teica_bojica


  • overthinking_hours overthinking_hours

    You can delete this if it’s self promo and annoying but I make similar edits on my page🖤 it would mean a lot if you could check it out🤧

  • suffocated._s suffocated._s

    @sainamdn 💛

  • sainamdn sainamdn

    @suffocated._s من باید بگم :))♥️♥️

  • suffocated._s suffocated._s

    @sainamdn 😭😭💛💛

  • sainamdn sainamdn

    @suffocated._s 😻♥️:”)

  • sad_sunfl0wer_ sad_sunfl0wer_

    thanks billie! my depression is cured!

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